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Evaluation Comments - Alpha Films

Evaluation Comments

“I intended to show the children the programme over a whole week - a sequence a day - but they were so enthralled by it that we saw it all in 2 days!”

“They had not seen a film like this before but it was accepted with very little introduction from me. It absorbed them for the whole programme and sparked off so much discussion afterwards.”

“My Year 6 class used it as a stimulus to writing about myths and legends. It was invaluable as an aid for descriptive writing.”

“The group found that the music playing in the background, apart from being very reflective, helped them concentrate on other creative activities.”

“I have played this after hectic sessions such as PE. It really works to calm then down and they already have favourite tracks they like watch and listen to.”

“Although two of my group had difficulty concentrating on the material, the remaining six found it intriguing and were inquisitive about what was going to happen. What was encouraging was the way that everyone contributed ideas.”

“They liked the fact that they were asked what they thought about the DVD. It made them feel important and grown up.”

“High quality images and excellent music tracks. So good to see and listen to something that a great deal of thought and effort has been put into it.”