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How to use the DVD - Alpha Films

How to use the DVD

Some of the ways “The Journey” is being successfully used for:

  • Sensory sessions where material needs to be carefully selected.

For example, most people with autism have difficulties with social interaction, communication and understanding other people’s opinions. It is therefore important to make sure images and sounds do not add to any confusion. The programme has been created to ensure that it can also be used for either aural or visual stimulation.

  • Calming sessions for Primary schoolchildren and SENCO.

5 minutes at the end of the day is often enough to relax and settle a class down at the end of the day. No complicated equipment to set up, just play the DVD through your computer or projector.

  • Creative thinking for mainstream and SENCO

Stimulating imagination and encouraging people to develop their own stories helps improve communication skills and self-confidence. Have a look in THE GALLERY at some of the artwork sent to us that resulted from watching “The Journey”

  • Reminisence sessions at care and nursing homes

Some people with conditions such as Alzheimer’s find it difficult to follow story lines. It is therefore important that such resources are easy to watch and flexible in interpretation. The images were found to be useful “triggers” to unlock memories of past holidays and experiences and stimulate discussion.

  • Background in hospital and surgery waiting rooms and to complement health therapies

“The Journey” is licensed to all purchasers allowing the DVD to be screened publically in any health or therapeutic setting. It is also being used as background music for a range of therapies e.g. massage, exercises or task based activities.