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Imagination - Alpha Films


“The Journey” can be used to relate a mythical journey to a hidden underwater city. Each of the five-minute sequences has a title to suggest what part of the journey the sequence could be related to. These titles can be used as a means to stimulate discussion, open up memory or help create other interpretations.

Examples of questions that have been used included:

Sequence 1 – “HOME” Where do you feel most at home? Do you wish to be somewhere else?

Sequence 2 – “VOYAGE” Where are we going? What will it be like when we get there?

Sequence 3 – “ARRIVAL” Where are we? What do you think we will find here?

Sequence 4 – “LOST CITY” Who lived there? What do you think happened?

Sequence 5 – “MEMORIES” Have you ever been somewhere magical? Perhaps in a dream?


Imagination Activities