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The Journey - Alpha Films

The Journey

Our brief was to create a “calming” DVD primarily for people with autism. However, working with health and care professionals, it became apparent that what was really needed was something that went beyond just relaxation. After two years of production and testing, we are pleased to tell you about “The Journey”. 

Developed in conjunction with music therapists, SENCO teachers and care professionals, what makes “The Journey” unique to other DVDs available is that it can be used for two distinct purposes: creating calm or stimulating imagination.

“The Journey” was filmed on HD in various locations around the world with specialist music tracks specifically composed to complement the images. The 25-minute programme consists of five linked sequences for screening to anyone who benefits from visual and audio stimulus. Test screenings proved that the programme can be used for a wide range of situations, some of which are detailed on our “HOW TO USE THE DVD” page.